January 2014

  1. Integrating Livestock and Crops at Good Heart Farmstead: Sheep, Pigs and Poultry to Increase Soil Health

    Organic farmers know that healthy soil means healthy plants. At Good Heart Farmstead, everything we do is based in the soil. We even named our farm in honor of it—when soil is “in good heart”, it is alive and healthy. But organic farmers will also know that the name itself doesn’t transform depleted, acidic soil into living, healthy soil overnight...
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  2. Win a $50 Gift Certificate to High Mowing Organic Seeds!

    This contest is now over - thanks for everyone who entered! We love to hear from our customers on what your favorite varieties are - and why! Providing us with feedback on the varieties we carry helps us improve the selection we carry, so in return, we'd like to offer one lucky commenter a $50 gift certificate to High Mowing...
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  3. Shoots and Microgreens to Expand your Winter Market Selection

    Living in a climate like Vermont, where growing greens outdoors all winter is not an option (or even in areas where it is), raising shoots and microgreens can be a great way to expand the selection of winter produce available to your customers. By definition, shoots and microgreens are the tiny immature leaves of salad greens, herbs, edible flowers, and...
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  4. High Mowing Hits the Road: Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands

    This article is the second in a series about High Mowing Organic Seeds’ president Tom Stearns’ travels to “hotspots” of seed production. Knowledge of seed saving and production is relatively hard to come by, so it is often necessary to go directly to the source – seed companies, breeders, producers, farmers and students; the leaders in the organic seed industry...
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  5. High Mowing Organic Seeds - Giving Back

    Every year, High Mowing donates a huge quantity of seeds and produce. The donations end up in the hands of recipients ranging in distance from just across the driveway to places as far-flung as Haiti. These donations are an integral part of what we do and help us achieve our goal of being good stewards to our local and not-so-local...
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  6. Reflecting on this Year’s Successes and Challenges at The Intervale Community Farm

    Becky Maden is the Assistant Farm Manager at Intervale Community Farm (ICF), a thriving member-owned CSA farm in its 21st season of growing organic produce in Burlington, Vermont. Becky has worked on several diverse vegetable farms throughout the country and around the world. At ICF, Becky is either found in the greenhouse, on a tractor, or jogging between the two...
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