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  1. Bee the Change: Inviting Pollinators to the Table

    Giveaway! We’re giving away a crate of pollinator-friendly goodies including A Bee's Garden Organic Non-GMO seed collection from High Mowing, tinctures from Urban Moonshine, seed bombs and skin care products from Badger Balm. See the end of this article for contest info! Contest ends 6/15/14. As awareness of the sudden decline in honeybee and native bee...
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  2. High Mowing Offers First Non-GMO Project Verified Vegetable Seeds

    High Mowing has long been a leader in the organic and sustainable seed movement. As such, we are honored to announce that we are about to become the first Non-GMO Project Verified vegetable seed company! High Mowing has been 100% organic since our founding in 1996 and we have never sold genetically modified (GM) seeds. We are looking forward to...
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  3. The World’s Best Tomato Trellis

    When it comes to tomato trellising, sometimes I feel like I’ve seen it all. The farms I’ve worked on usually use either the Florida Basket Weave (which sounds like a fancy hairdo to me) or tomato clips with the Greenhouse-String Method (which sounds like a bluegrass band). Home gardeners seem to use everything from simple wooden stakes to twirly metal...
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  4. How to Graft Tomatoes

    Ever thought of grafting your own tomatoes? Grafted tomatoes combine rootstock that is bred for disease resistance and vigor with the top of another tomato variety that has excellent flavor and productivity. Grafting tomatoes allows you to create a tomato plant that will work the best for your specific needs. At High Mowing we work with grafted tomatoes often...
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  5. Inequity, Creativity, and Resiliency: Farming in a Changing Climate

    Becky Maden is the Assistant Farm Manager at Intervale Community Farm (ICF), a thriving member-owned CSA farm in its 21st season of growing organic produce in Burlington, Vermont. Becky has worked on several diverse vegetable farms throughout the country and around the world. At ICF, Becky is either found in the greenhouse, on a tractor, or jogging between the two. ...
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  6. Software Review - AgSquared for Organic Farmers

    Diversified organic farmers must contend with many unique challenges - rapidly changing markets, unpredictable weather events, and the complexity of working with rather than against ecology, to name just a few. But of all the difficulties organic farmers face, one of the most daunting might just be…paperwork. Record-keeping, while almost as essential to successful farming as seeds and tools are...
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