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  1. Brassicas Rule! A Fall Planting Guide

      Listen… do you hear that? It's your kale talking. It has really been loving the extra attention that you’ve been giving it, and as a result, it's inviting you into the garden to take a few leaves. It's OK, it’s happy to give them up. Just be sure to share some love with your broccoli, cauliflower...
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  2. Micro-Farm Success: Learning from the Market Gardener

    When my husband Edge and I started our farm, a friend remarked, “now all you need is a tractor and you’ll be real farmers.”  What he didn’t realize is that we’ve never planned on buying a tractor to grow vegetables. We’ve always been more comfortable on the human-power scale, and though we did add a two wheel walk-behind tractor to...
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  3. Winter CSA Basics: Bringing the Seasons into Balance

    This will be our tenth winter running a winter CSA at the Intervale Community Farm in Burlington, VT, and every year I have been amazed at the enthusiasm our farm members have for winter crops. There is a glaring, fundamental difference between summer and winter shares: in the summer, things start light and slow—salad greens give way to hardier greens...
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