August 2014

  1. Emerging Agritourism: Farm to Fork Dinners at Sandiwood Farm

    Twenty-five years ago, the land that would become Sandiwood Farm in Wolcott, VT wasn’t much more than a barren field. But that didn’t stop Sara and Bob Schlosser from putting down roots and starting a life there. The two married in that field, and in the years that followed, they built a house, a family, and a farm, all the...
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  2. Local Food, Music, Workshops, & More at High Mowing Field Day

    Join us this Sunday, August 24th for the annual High Mowing Field Day, our fun-filled open house marking the height of the growing season! Learn something new at our workshops, tour the beautiful Trials & Showcase fields, satisfy your soul with a delicious Local Food Showcase meal prepared in the field by New England Culinary Institute chefs, then dance the...
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  3. Win a Winter Garden Collection from High Mowing Organic Seeds!

    Sometimes in the midst of the summer farm and garden abundance, it's hard to remember to plan ahead for the fall and winter months. A little planning now can help you make that abundance last long into the winter--so we're having a contest to tell us what fall and winter crops you're growing this year! Lately many people have been...
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  4. Easy Seed Saving for Everyone

    In the northern reaches of the country we are just starting to see the first ripe tomatoes rolling in. Very soon there will be not only red but purple, yellow, orange, green, striped, white, long, fuzzy, and flattened tomatoes ready – a cornucopia of colors, textures, and flavors to delight the senses. Why not carry a bit of that abundance...
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