September 2014

  1. Getting Started with Hydroponics

    As the weather gets colder, many of us are thinking about moving our food production indoors. Hydroponics is a unique way of growing food indoors year-round, and can be done with completely organic inputs. While not yet approved for use under the National Organic Program, gardeners and growers who aren’t certified may benefit from these techniques. Since we don’t have...
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  2. Garlic Keeper Giveaway!

    With garlic-planting season in full force, we thought we'd add a little fun by offering a giveaway.  We're very excited to partner with local potter Abby Tonks of Abby T Pottery in Randolph, Vermont, who is as big a fan of our seeds as we are of her pottery. Her signature pieces are these lovely "Little Birdie Garlic Keepers." Depending...
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  3. How to Plant (and Order) Garlic

    It's hard to believe, but it's that time already - time to start ordering and prepare for planting garlic! Here are some instructions for planting garlic and how to order the right amount. Already know what you need? Click here to see our varieties. Garlic is best planted in the fall for harvest the following summer. It can be planted...
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  4. Got Veggies? Lacto-Ferment Dilly Beans and more for Healthy Winter Meals

    I don’t know about the rest of the country, but in Vermont everybody makes "dilly beans", vinegar-pickled string beans with garlic and dill.  When I first heard about dilly beans after moving to VT in 1999, in order to immerse myself in the culture of my new home, I immediately began canning this old time tradition, lining my pantry shelves...
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