January 2015

  1. Our Top Varieties for California Growers

    Each year High Mowing attends the EcoFarm conference in Pacific Grove, California, and each year we are fascinated to hear about the diversity of climates that California growers work with. This year one farmer mentioned that his farm in Sebastopol had a mountain range behind it and consequently received two hours less daylight than surrounding farms, and had only about...
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  2. Top 5 Tomatoes for Containers

    Whether you're growing on a rooftop, porch, patio or fire escape, it’s essential to choose the right tomato varieties when growing in containers. The ideal varieties to choose are either determinate or semi-determinate, meaning that they have a more concentrated fruit set and compact habit (unlike the indeterminate varieties, which will easily grow vines 10 feet long). It’s also best...
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  3. Enter to Win your Dream Garden from High Mowing Seeds

    Design Your Dream Garden, Enter to Win a $75 Gift Certificate! This contest has closed. Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to Kate on your win! Half the fun of having a garden is planning it during those long cold winter months when all is grey and dark outside. Looking at pictures of bright, beautiful vegetables, herbs and...
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  4. Reaping the Benefits of Pelleted Lettuce

    Pelleted lettuce seed (L), Raw lettuce seed (R) Plants have been doing a pretty good job developing strategies to move seeds around for a few hundred million years. The ranges of sizes, shapes, and packaging have clearly suited them well. There are some, particularly the round ones, that are pretty easily adapted to modern agriculture. But what about the really...
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  5. Breeding Organic Carrots with Bejo Seeds

    Bejo Carrot Field in Holland Bejo Seeds has been breeding organic seeds for over 20 years— longer than any large seed company—because of their dedication to organic agriculture. Based in Holland, Bejo Seeds is a family-owned company with a focus on breeding exceptional quality varieties. They are committed to non-GMO breeding techniques and supporting organic seed organizations including Seed Matters...
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