February 2015

  1. A Guide to Seed Starting: Brassicas & Succession Planting (Part 3)

    Brassica Seedlings in a High Mowing greenhouse In our last blog post we covered starting artichoke transplants and “hardening off”, the all-important period of acclimating your seedlings to the outside world. This week we’ll talk brassicas (the family that includes kale, cabbages, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli) and how to make a succession planting plan so that you’ll...
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  2. A Guide to Starting Seeds: Artichokes & Acclimation (Part 2)

    If you read our article from last week, you already learned about gathering your seed starting materials, including lights, soil, containers and more. You (hopefully) figured out your last frost date, and used it to determine when to start your first transplants (onions and leeks). This week we’ll talk about starting your next crop, artichokes, and how to “harden off”...
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  3. Hot Potatoes - for Every Purpose

    Comparing Potatoes in High Mowing Trials Here at High Mowing, we LOVE potatoes. They always appear at our monthly potluck lunches, they're endlessly versatile in the kitchen, and they store beautifully--an important feature in a state where the growing season is a mere 120 days (in a good year!) They make a great early crop for farmer's markets, and come...
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  4. GIVEAWAY! Enter to Win a Commemorative Abundant Bloomsdale Seed Starting Kit

    This contest has closed. Congratulations to Tara on her win! We're so excited about our newest variety, Abundant Bloomsdale spinach, we just couldn't resist giving some away. One lucky winner will receive a commemorative Abundant Bloomsdale seed starting kit to get the garden season off to a great start! The Seed Starting Kit includes: Our seed starting kit, which includes a...
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  5. A Guide to Starting Seeds: Tools, Tips and Alliums (Part 1)

    Jen carrying trays in the High Mowing Greenhouse Whether you live in Washington or Maine, Arizona or Tennessee, your time has come—time to dust off your grow lights, unfurl a seedling heat mat, and soak your cell trays in soapy water. Because even if there’s still snow on the ground, frost deep down and a chill in the air...
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  6. A Future Heirloom: Introducing Abundant Bloomsdale!

    WE believe that when farmers and public seed breeders get together, amazing things happen. We think it's essential that organic farmers be involved with breeding projects because they are the end users – they know what it takes to make a high quality variety, and their input helps shape these varieties so that they thrive in organic conditions. Being part...
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