March 2015

  1. The Sweeter Side of Farming: Grow Your Own Candy Bars

    Paul preparing to cut up candy bars for seed One of the things I like the most about farming is access to some amazing food. Even if I don’t grow a particular crop, my network of producer friends allows me to trade around and cover most of my food needs. The wrinkle is that producing food can be exhausting. I...
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  2. A Guide to Planting Spring Cover Crops

    Planting cover crops is a powerful way to improve your soil. Cover crops perform a host of valuable functions like increasing soil organic matter, fixing nitrogen, breaking up compaction, suppressing weeds and preventing erosion. In this guide we'll discuss your options for spring cover crops and the benefits of each, when and how to plant, and how to manage the...
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  3. The Perfect Potato: How to Choose Varieties

    Ever since potatoes in the grocery store came to be known simply as "red", "white" or "russet", knowledge of potato cookery has gone into decline. While potatoes are fantastically versatile, there are significant differences in the varieties that make them well suited for particular purposes. The simple spud, as it turns out, isn't so simple after all. But with just...
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  4. Dig In to Gardening GIVEAWAY!

    Dig In to gardening with our March giveaway, in collaboration with Gardener's Supply Company! One lucky winner will receive our Garden Starter Seed Collection AND our favorite garden tool, the Hori Hori Garden Knife from The Garden Starter Seed Collection  includes 10 vegetable varieties that you can sow directly in your garden - no seed starting required! Perfect for beginners...
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  5. Affording the Farm: Financing for Beginners

    Katie Spring and her son Waylon For beginning farmers, finding the support to start your own farm or to improve your existing farm can seem like a challenge. This challenge doesn’t necessarily let up for the first few years—for perspective, a beginning farmer is defined as someone who has farmed for 10 years or less on their current operation. In...
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  6. Growing Partners: The Greening of Detroit

    This year we are excited to launch Growing Partners, a series of articles focusing on the farmers, gardeners, seed growers, breeders, vendors, donation recipients and non-profits we work with who are making waves in sustainable agriculture. Together they form a revolution of environmental stewardship and positive change working its way over the global landscape. We're so invigorated by their trail-blazing...
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