April 2015

  1. How to Grow Your Own Organic, Non-GMO Chicken Feed!

    Keeping a flock of laying hens is a fun way to provide a homegrown protein source, put kitchen scraps to good use, and produce far more beautiful and nutritious eggs than those found in supermarket chains. But raising chickens – especially on 100% organic feed – can get expensive. And in much of the country, the free range experience that...
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  2. Growing Partners: Desde mi Huerto

    This article is part of Growing Partners, our new series of articles focusing on the farmers, gardeners, seed growers, breeders, vendors, donation recipients and non-profits we work with who are making waves in sustainable agriculture. Together they form a revolution of environmental stewardship and positive change working its way over the global landscape. We're so invigorated by their trail-blazing work...
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  3. GIVEAWAY! A Treat for Mother's Day

    Without mothers, not one of us would be here. For the thousands of cuddles, reluctant wake-up calls, shoulders to lean on, patient driving lessons and coaxed garden chores, we want to say THANK YOU to moms – because we wouldn’t be who we are without you. One lucky mom will win: a beautiful harvest basket handmade in Vermont by Blue...
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  4. High Mowing's Permanent Home: Our New Farm Property

    The future home of High Mowing Organic Seeds We are pleased to announce that High Mowing has purchased a farm property! The land we've purchased is in Hyde Park, Vermont, and will serve as our permanent home. High Mowing has relied primarily on leased land and buildings in the Wolcott, Vermont area over the past twenty years, and that has...
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  5. Kinder Garden: Creating Functional Theme Gardens for Kids

    Giving a child a garden is a wonderful way to spark interest in the natural world and offers built-in lessons in ecology and personal responsibility. And at the end of the day, it’s something beautiful and rewarding that they can take pride in, knowing that they did it themselves. Parents will appreciate having some time to get things done in...
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  6. Why Seed Matters: An Interview with Matt Dillon

    Matt Dillon (left) examines a wheat trial with Seed Matters' first Graduate Fellow, Brook Brouwer at the High Mowing Trials field. Brook is researching low-input grain crops for organic systems at Washington State University Seed Matters is an initiative created by the Clif Bar Family Foundation to improve the viability and availability of organic seeds. Their goal is to ensure...
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