May 2015

  1. 5 Simple Tricks for Preventing Pests & Disease

    Plastic mulch can be used to suppress weeds, warm the soil, retain moisture, and more 1) Mulch. We’ve said it before; we’ll say it again: mulch everything you can. Whether you opt for black plastic, paper mulch, fabric, straw, leaves or newspaper, mulching well can prevent a lot of problems in the garden. To expound on its benefits, mulch Decreases...
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  2. Direct Sow Like a Pro: How to Get Strong Germination Outdoors

    Moxie planting peas in her garden It’s easy to assume that growing food from seed in the garden is a piece of cake. There are no lights or heat mats, no germination domes or pots or potting soil to worry about. Just make a hole, stick a seed in the ground, and water, right? Well….sort of. While some plants...
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  3. Enter to WIN our Kid's Garden GIVEAWAY!

    Enter to WIN! This month we're giving away a selection of goodies to help your kid have a great garden season, including: A kid's hand tool set from Gardener's Supply, which includes a small trowel, rake, and shovel A pair of kid's garden gloves and Our Kid's Garden Organic Seed Collection, which will inspire and delight your child with seeds...
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  4. Feed the Bees with a Halloween Pumpkin Patch

    If you’ve ever grown cucurbits (the family that includes squash, cucumbers, pumpkins and melons), you’ve probably noticed that bees are crazy about them. On a dewy summer morning, it’s not uncommon to find several bees dozing in each flower, or flying industriously from one to the next coated so completely in the yellow pollen that they look like flying yellow...
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  5. Successful Vegetables: Our Top 10 Crops for Beginner Gardeners

    There’s a lot of information on the back of seed packets that can help you get started with your first garden season, but it won't tell you which crops to grow as a beginner, and comparing all the options can still be bewildering. Don’t worry, you’re in good company—gardening is on the rise, and there are lots of folks out...
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