June 2015

  1. Preserving Value-Added Products for Winter Meals and CSAs

    Katie Spring & Edge Fuentes hoeing at Good Heart Farmstead When the main Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) season comes to an end in October, we don’t close up the farm for the season here at Good Heart Farmstead. Instead, we keep on going all the way through December with an early Winter CSA. With the season-extending powers of hoop houses...
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  2. Top 5 Succession-Planted Crops for Extending the Harvest

    When direct-seeding in the spring, it’s easy for your “eyes to get bigger than your stomach”. It takes only a few minutes to seed a row of cilantro 50 feet long, or pour all your arugula seed into one furrow. There’s another age-old saying that applies here – “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Regardless of what proverb...
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  3. Grow Year-Round: What to Plant for Fall & Winter Harvest, by Region

    Arbason F1 Greenhouse Tomatoes There’s no denying it: people across the country are jazzed about growing their own. But food self-sufficiency doesn’t have to be limited to the summer months, and taking advantage of the possibilities in fall, winter and spring can save a lot of money (and the resources needed to transport food from distant locales). The secret to...
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  4. Tools of the Trade: Our Staff Favorites

    Sarah weeding the squash trials with a stirrup hoe As soon as we starting asking our staff what their favorite tools were, we realized that everyone, without exception, loved something different. So we divided them into 5 categories to help you learn more about the best tools for each use, and choose just the right ones for your needs. Cultivating...
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