July 2015

  1. How to Harvest & Cure Garlic (Plus Save Some for Seed!)

    Most of us eat garlic on a regular basis, but few realize how easy it is to grow this crucial ingredient of world cuisine. While growing garlic requires patience and some planning, the results are well worth the effort—and the crop can perpetuate itself for many years to come (we’ll explain later). For those that had the foresight to plant...
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  2. July GIVEAWAY – A Taste of Food Independence!

    This month we're celebrating food independence--and giving away a great set of things to help you get there. We want YOU to extend the harvest using: our organic Winter Garden Seed Collection our Seed Starting Kit, which includes: a 50-cell tray a flat (no holes) a clear propagation dome to ensure uniform germination, a 6 quart bag of Vermont Compost...
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  3. Keep it Covered: A Guide to Fall Cover Crops

    Yellow Sweet Clover growing in the Trials field Planting cover crops is a powerful way to improve your soil. Cover crops perform a host of valuable functions like increasing soil organic matter, fixing nitrogen, breaking up compaction, suppressing weeds and preventing erosion. In this guide we’ll discuss your options for fall cover crops and the benefits of each, when and...
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  4. Lettuce Plan: Developing a Lettuce Program for your Region

    Regal Oak Lettuce Here at High Mowing we’re proud to offer an organic lettuce for almost every location, season and use. Whether it’s the middle of winter in Maine, a rainy spring in Oregon, a blistering Arizona summer, or even a trip to the International Space Station, we’ve got the lettuce to keep you in greens all year. In this...
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