August 2015

  1. Time to Plant Fall Onions for Overwintering!

    It’s a little-known fact that many seasoned gardeners aren't aware of: you can grow onions (and shallots) in the winter. These super-hardy plants can survive incredibly cold temperatures with a little protection, and provide quality bulbs even after they bolt in the spring. As with most fall-planted crops, success is mostly a matter of timing. Walla Wallas can be harvested...
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  2. How to Preserve Fresh Herbs, 5 Ways

    Fresh and dried herbs are usually expensive to buy, especially in winter when both supply and quality tend to be low. Fortunately herbs are easy to grow in quantity, and are equally easy to preserve for aromatic additions to your meals all year round.   Herb Drying Rack from Drying is the simplest method of preserving a wide variety...
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  3. Green Machines: 5 Super-Hardy Greens for Winter Meals

    With just a little protection from the elements, you can keep harvesting fresh greens well into fall and winter. The trick is to choose frost-hardy crops that continue growing during the transition to colder weather and lower light levels, and to plant them early enough that they’re nearly mature by the time the day length drops below 10 hours. Here...
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  4. August GIVEAWAY! Preserve the Harvest Canning Kit

    This month we’re giving one lucky winner a brand-new set of canning supplies! Will this be the year you put up the Vermont obsession, dilly beans, or foray into a world of pickled beets? Whatever your fancy, we’re giving away the tools to make it! The kit includes: Two canning funnels A canning rack A lid sterilizing rack A jar...
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  5. 5 Easy Ways to Preserve the Harvest

    Preserving summer's bounty for cool-season meals doesn’t have to mean standing over a hot stove or a huge investment in canning jars. Fortunately for those of us with little time to spare, there are lots of quick, easy ways to bring the fresh flavors of summer indoors for the winter. And the very best part? By taking the time to...
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