October 2015

  1. 5 Environments for Storing Vegetables Until Spring

    It was not long ago that the preservation of homegrown foods for year round use was a practical necessity. As a result, root cellars and large, unheated pantries were common features of the home. While most farms will have established storage systems, smaller farms and gardeners may have to get a little creative. However, many crops can still be stored...
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  2. Lacto-Ferment the Harvest Kit GIVEAWAY!

    When the weather turns cooler and the farm and garden chores begin to ease up here in northern VT, our thoughts turn to stashing the harvest for winter meals. We want you to eat local year-round, too, wherever you live – so this month one lucky winner will receive a lacto-fermenting kit to preserve healthy, delicious krauts, kimchis and pickles...
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  3. Coming Soon, to a Conference Near You: Our 2015-16 Schedule

    Come say hello! Once again we’ll be sending our friendly Sales folks to conferences and tradeshows all over the country this fall and winter. We attend a wide variety of shows each year, from Organic Association conferences to Wholesale tradeshows, and they’re terrific opportunities for learning and networking. While you’re there, come visit our booth, talk shop, grab a coupon...
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  4. The Cure All: A Guide to Curing Vegetables for Winter Storage

    As gardening grows in popularity, people are figuring out all sorts of clever ways to get their homegrown vegetables to keep through the winter. Now that root cellars have become a rarity, many companies offer a range of storage tools and other items that can help. But creating the perfect storage environment for a particular crop is only half the...
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