January 2016

  1. Free the Seed! Introducing the Open Source Seed Collection

    Inspired by the free and open source software movement that has provided alternatives to proprietary software, the Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI) was created to "free the seed"--to make sure that the genes in at least some seeds can never be locked away from use by intellectual property rights. In other words, Open Source varieties and any varieties bred from...
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  2. Sweet Success: How to Choose [and Grow] Tomatoes & Peppers

    Choose your own adventure! No matter where you grow, it’s important to select tomato and pepper varieties that are well-adapted to your region and conditions. If you grow in Alaska, you’ll need to choose short season varieties that will mature and produce quickly. If you’re a Floridian, you need the opposite—varieties that produce over a long season even when temperatures...
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  3. Windowsill Salad GIVEAWAY!

    We know you’re excited to start growing greens indoors, so this month we're giving one lucky winner all the tools to get started! To celebrate the New Year, we’re giving you the chance to turn over a new leaf - shoots and microgreens are simple to grow year round, no matter where you live, and provide unbeatable freshness and flavor...
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  4. Growing Organic Sprouts for a Burst of Winter Greens

    You can’t beat the flavor of a fresh and verdant homegrown salad in the midst of winter. All it takes is a mason jar, a sprouting lid, water, and seed . . . and a little bit of time and care. Whether you choose to use a sprouting tray or this mason jar method, growing sprouts is easy and well worth the effort...
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  5. Windowsill Salad: 5 Greens You Can Grow Anywhere

    Pea and sunflower shoots growing on the windowsill For years I bemoaned the arrival of winter, as much for the shortage of local vegetables as for the long months of cold and darkness we have here in Northern Vermont. But two years ago I had an epiphany that changed all that, and suddenly winter was a season I (almost) looked...
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  6. Growing Partners: Midori Farm

    Growing Partners interviews are conversations with customers, seed growers & community non-profits we work with that are leading the way in environmental and social stewardship. We’re proud to share their trail-blazing work with the world, and we hope to inspire the real food leaders of tomorrow to follow in their footsteps. Hanako Myers & Marko Colby Marko Colby and Hanako...
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