February 2016

  1. The Sweetest Beet: Basics of Soil Nutrition

    To grow well, beets need neutral to slightly alkaline soil and proper thinning (since in most cases, each beet seed is actually a capsule containing 2-4 seeds). But beets are also a little pickier in how they absorb and utilize soil minerals, and they have a hard time producing if the ones they need aren't available. To avoid common pitfalls...
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  2. Crop Talk: A Year of Potatoes at High Ledge Farm

    Paul Betz, Farmer and Commercial Grower Sales Rep It's that time again - I’m planning for this year’s potato crop and wanted to share some of my excitement for the season ahead. High Mowing has built a comprehensive collection of seed potatoes that brings value to the commercial grower (or gardener) over the whole harvest season. We offer varieties for...
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  3. Potatoes 101: How to Get Great Yields with Successful Techniques

    Sara harvesting early new potatoes from her hoophouse at Sandiwood Farm Organic Potatoes are a simple, fun crop to grow and can help you eat local year-round thanks to their impressive shelf life. In addition to choosing the right varieties for your needs, it’s also important to choose a successful growing method. You can find information about all sorts...
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  4. The Perfect Potato GIVEAWAY!

    You'll love growing potatoes in GrowBags—they’ve made hilling and digging a thing of the past. Thanks to their sturdy handles these lightweight, reusable fabric bags can be moved even after they’re full of soil, and planting in them is easy: Just plant your seed potatoes in the bottom, then add soil as the plants grow. When it comes time to...
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  5. Sweetheart Seeds GIVEAWAY!

    We know you LOVE seeds, so in honor of Valentine’s day, we’re giving three lucky winners seeds that celebrate your passion (for growing)! Enter to win a chance at winning some of our favorite seed varieties with Valentine’s-related names. Each of our three lucky winners will receive a romantic collection of seeds, including one packet each of: Valentine’s Day Blend Radish...
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  6. Plentiful Potatoes: Selecting the Right Varieties for Your Needs

    Potatoes are versatile for a wide variety of culinary uses, make a great storage crop and are generally simple to grow. That being said, you'll have by far the best success when you think carefully about your needs and select varieties for your climate and situation, because each variety has unique qualities that make it well-suited to a certain place or...
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