April 2016

  1. Pest Management on the Small Farm

    Katie & Edge with their son Waylon Like all good medicine, our pest management is built on prevention. At Good Heart Farmstead, we don’t use any pesticide sprays, and instead focus our efforts on creating a balanced system, which includes building healthy soil to grow strong, hearty plants. Here’s a round-up (organic, that is!) of our pest prevention techniques: Decrease...
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  2. Crop Talk: A Season of Lettuce Production at High Ledge Farm

    Paul Betz checking on lettuces at High Ledge Farm No matter where you grow, our high quality lettuce varieties mean a consistent supply all season long. I really like that we offer all the classic market standards, as well as a number of specialty varieties that are exciting visually or offer a unique eating experience. Together they make up an...
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  3. Growing with Kids: 6 Practical Ways to Engage Them on the Farm

    Waylon (age 2) and Katie harvesting calendula flowers This summer our son will turn 3, and over the past three years we’ve found many ways to engage him here at Good Heart Farmstead through our daily farm tasks. By doing so, we spend quality time with our son, avoid the expense of child care, and give him the opportunity...
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  4. Our Top 5 Flowers for Pollinators

    Bees pollinating holy basil If you’re like us, you’re worried about pollinators—we need them for production of about 35% of global crops by volume and over 85% of the world’s flowering plants, and many pollinator species are in decline or at risk of extinction. Four species of bumble bees native to America are in rapid decline; the rusty-patched bumble bee...
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