June 2016

  1. Storage Carrots: A Fall Planting Guide

    Here in Vermont, it feels like we just finished talking about how much wood we have left to heat the house, and now it’s time to be thinking about storage carrots? It just doesn’t seem fair. I realize that there is still a lot of the season left, but keeping fall crops on the screen is important. So much of...
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  2. Heat Tolerant Greens: Varieties for the Hottest Summer Months

    As our season slowly evolves from spring into summer, those of us who grow greens all season long are thinking about how to change up successions to those that will put up with heat. This is a challenge every year, as consumer demand for fresh leafy greens remains strong while it becomes increasingly difficult to produce quality greens without the...
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  3. The Humble Beet: New Ways to Look at an Old Friend

    Jodi Lew-Smith is the Breeding Coordinator at High Mowing Organic Seeds. Many of us who grew up eating only canned beets have had the similar experience of trying a fresh beet and saying, “Wow, I never realized these could actually taste good.” Or, “Hey, these are sweet!” The humble beet is used to being overlooked. But why scorn a vegetable...
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  4. Winter Harvest GIVEAWAY!

    Looking for a way to extend your season and grow food year round? This month we're giving away everything you need to plant your winter garden. One lucky winner will receive:   a Winter Garden Seed Collection with cold-hardy varieties for fall plantings or overwintering a packet of De Cicco Broccoli seeds Garden Covers from Gardener’s Supply Co a $15 Gift Certificate      ...
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