December 2016

  1. Resolving for a Better Season

    Even if you’re not in the practice of making formal New Year’s resolutions, it’s hard not to get swept up by the bright feeling of potential that January 1st brings annually. For growers, it’s tempting to take this time off, to give ourselves a much-deserved break from the hard work of farming. But if you can muster the energy, there...
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  2. Crop Rotation for Diversified Vegetable Operations

    Crop rotations are an essential farm tool. If planned and executed well, a crop rotation can establish long term soil health, break pest and disease cycles, diminish weed seed banks, balance nutrient levels, and create a vigorous overall farm system. Even if you’re a well-established farmer, chances are you’re frequently making adjustments to your crop rotation in order to improve...
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  3. Microgreens: Quick Returns on Minimal Space

    This time of year commercial growers try to push sales of the last of storage crops like onions, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, and winter squash. These sparse offerings of the late season often result in a customer base over-saturated with storage vegetables. So, how do you set yourself apart and get the most “bang for your buck” at winter markets and wholesale...
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  4. Where We’ll Be: High Mowing’s 2017 Tradeshow & Conference Schedule

    Are you attending an upcoming agricultural conference or tradeshow? We are, and we want to hear from you. We’ll be sending members of our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff to conferences and tradeshows from coast to coast this winter and spring. We attend a wide variety of these shows each year, and they offer us a great opportunity to learn...
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