The launch of a new season’s catalog is our chance to share all the exciting products we’ve been working on for the past year. Catalogs have already started arriving in mailboxes, and we want to highlight some of the new varieties that you’ll see when you open them up. Here’s a sampling, broken up by grower preference: For the Greens Grower Our newest lettuce releases include some brilliant one-cut varieties from our friends at Vitalis Organic Seeds offering taste, uniformity, and significant disease resistance, as well as some classic full head lettuces with the improvements you need for the growing in the summer months. 2613pEzrilla Lettuce OP · Strong disease package Unique one-cut green tango type. Outer leaves are dark green and highly incised, while inner leaves are sweet and slightly blanched. Adds excellent texture, loft and crunch to any mix. Has a strong disease package plus intermediate resistance to lettuce mosaic virus and is very slow to bolt. From our partners at Vitalis Seeds. Lactuca sativa. 52 days to maturity   2612pHampton Lettuce OP · Strong disease package A voluminous, high leaf count one-cut oakleaf. Dark green shiny leaves with narrow attachment points. Makes a wonderful display paired with Buckley red oakleaf. Has a strong disease package plus intermediate resistance to lettuce mosaic virus and is very slow to bolt. From our partners at Vitalis Seeds. Lactuca sativa. 55 days to maturity   2611pBuckley Lettuce OP · Strong disease package Gorgeous, glossy one-cut red oakleaf grows in an upright rosette. A single cut yields heaps of tasty leaves all the same size. Can be cut and mixed for baby leaf or sold as whole heads for easy-to-prepare salads. Makes a wonderful display paired with Hampton green oakleaf. From our partners at Vitalis Seeds. Lactuca sativa. 57 days to maturity   2576Newham Lettuce OP · Strong disease package · Spretnak class This one has it all – gorgeous color, numerous resistances and a surprisingly sweet flavor! We were wowed by Newham in our variety trials and couldn’t wait to make it available. This highly modern variety not only has the look, yield, and resistances you want, it’s also the one you’ll bring inside for your evening salad because it’s crispy, with well-filled heats and the flavor of the best butterhead. Does well all year round in coastal regions, and in winter, spring and fall in hotter regions. Grow at 6” apart for uniform mini heads. Also has intermediate resistance to lettuce mosaic virus and corky root. Lactuca sativa. 45 days to maturity 2544Concept Lettuce OP · Dark green and extra crisp A cross of a summer crisp with a romaine combines a dark green color with the open shape and bolt tolerance we need when the heat cranks up. Has the crunch and flavor of romaine. In our 2016 trials it was a clear standout both for flavor and appearance, with everyone agreeing it was gorgeous – even after a full week of heat. Lactuca sativa. 48 days to maturity   2545Crispino Lettuce OP · Classic iceberg · Widely adaptable A uniform, unfussy variety for those who don’t really live in ideal iceberg country. Crispino has done extremely well in our trials for two years running, with dependably high yields of sweet tight, white-hearted heads amidst dark green outer leaves. It holds up in the field and keeps well in the cooler. Lactuca sativa. 57 days to maturity     For the Flower and Pollinator Lover Whether you're growing commercial cut flowers or simply sprucing up your front or back yard, these new flower varieties offer color and texture, and many are especially attractive to beneficial pollinators.  7037Double-Click Cosmos Blend OP · Drought tolerant · Attracts bees · 3-4’ tall · Annual The cosmos you could confuse with a dahlia! Blend of fully double and semi-double flowers share the many-shaded pinks of Sensation Blend, but have the layered petals of an aster or dahlia. Hardy, tolerant of drought and low fertility, subject to very little disease or pest pressure, this cosmos blend is much easier to grow than either of its look-alikes. Cosmos sulphureus. 85 days to maturity   7092Black Beauty Poppy OP · 3-4’ tall · Re-seeding annual · Tolerates poor soil The poppy that looks like a gorgeous peony! We had universal agreement amongst a tough audience that this flower had to be in our catalog. Between the double flowers and the dark velvety burgundy color, Black Beauty is a stunning eye-catcher unlike any poppy you’ve ever seen. And like all poppies it’s easy to grow, needs minimal care, and will re-seed itself. Papaver somniferum. 78 days to maturity   7018Lion’s Mouth Snapdragon OP · Excellent cut flower · 12-24” · Annual Gorgeous blend of bold and pastel colors. Snapdragons are slow growing in spring but worth the wait, as they bloom continuously through the summer, especially with trimming. One of the premium cut flowers for bouquets and arrangements. Also makes a showy border or garden bed. Start indoors 8-10 weeks ahead and set out after frost, spacing 8-10” apart. Cut when the lower third of the florets are open. Antirrhinum majus. 110 days to maturity   7103Hopi Black Dye Sunflower HEIRLOOM · Natural dye source · 7-11 feet tall A Hopi heirloom prized for its purple-black seeds, used especially for coloring baskets. High Mowing sold this variety in our very first catalog, and we’re bringing it back in part to complete the circle of our journey, and in part because it’s a cool cat variety. Like us, it’s scrappy and resilient and does a lot with a little, where the seeds are good for dye but also for food or feed, and are the best for de-hulling. The massive tall flowers are classically sunflower beautiful, with yellow rays around purple-black centers. Grown for countless generations, this variety will almost certainly still be used to make dye hundreds of years from now. Helianthus annuus. 95 days to maturity   Alliums for All Everyone loves a dependable allium, and our new hybrids for 2017 don’t disappoint. A beautiful cool-weather leek and two impressive red onions are on offer with refined improvements all around. 2695Takrima F1 Leek HYBRID · Fall crop · Tall and slim · No bulbing A gorgeous fall leek. Highly reliable, low maintenance, adaptable to many environments. Virtually no bulbs and highly self-blanching even without hilling. Strong root systems make it especially well-suited to organic systems. From our partners at Vitalis Seeds. Allum porrum. 100 days to maturity     2686Monastrell F1 Onion HYBRID · Intermediate day · Fresh market · 3.5-4” bulbs Broad harvest window ideally suited for fresh market sales. Highly adaptable with a uniform deep red color. Any bulbs not used immediately can be stored for 4-6 months. Slightly later and larger than Cabernet, with good holding in the field, an upright habit, partial resistance to foliar disease, and tight necks. A real beauty from our partners at Vitalis Seeds. Allium cepa. 106 days to maturity   2681Red Carpet F1 Onion HYBRID · Long day · Great storage · 3-4” bulbs Magnificent magenta interior rings make this an especially gorgeous red onion. Tight bulbs that store extremely well, with the excellent color on the interior layers unique to our partners at Bejo Seeds. Red Carpet is 2-3 days earlier than Red Wing while maintaining 98% the same size, with a more rounded shoulder. Allium cepa. 116 days to maturity     For the Pepper Producer, Both Hot & Sweet We’ve got a new collection of Picnic Peppers to choose from this year, all bred by High Mowing for outstanding flavor, yields, and rigor. Available in Picnic Red, Picnic Yellow, Picnic Orange, or in our special Blend, these perfect little snack peppers took our breeders six years to perfect! We’re also cranking up our hot pepper offerings with a new hybrid jalapeño, bred for improved quality fruits and high yielding plants. hc-ppPicnic Pepper Blend OP · BRED BY HIGH MOWING · 3-5” fruits Now a snack pepper mix developed with open-pollinated varieties! The Picnic Pepper collection includes a single 10 seed packet of each of the Picnic Pepper varieties. The collection when compared to market standard snack peppers in trials has consistently performed as well or better than the hybrids. We’ve especially selected our set for their rich, sweet flavor and we hope you agree they taste better than most any other pepper you’ll try! Capsicum annuum. 60 days green, 78-84 days colored   2773Triunfo F1 Jalapeño HYBRID · Green jalapeño · SHU 5,000 High quality hybrid jalapeño that cranks out bushels of nearly perfect fruit. We’ve been waiting a long time for a strong hybrid jalapeño to offer as organic seed, and we think you’ll be delighted we finally found one. Triunfo was a standout in our trials, with an upright frame and heavy set of midsized jalapeños with minimal checking. Also has intermediate resistance to tobacco etch virus. Capsicum annuum. 65 days green, 85 days colored   To see the rest of our new variety releases in 2017, click HERE. Not sure if you’re signed up to receive our 2017 catalog? Click HERE to get a FREE copy!