February 2017

  1. Plant Positive Potting Soil

    Two-yard sling bags of potting soil at VCC. When I began my agricultural career at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, I was excited to see a two-yard sling bag of Vermont Compost Company Fort Vee outside of the farm’s propagation house. As a native Vermonter, I have a lot of pride in my home state, but at the...
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  2. Imbolc: First Signs of Spring

    Growers in the northern hemisphere have for centuries understood the month of February to mark a significant shift in day length as it relates to plant growth. Agrarians from Maine to California still have cause to celebrate this time of year, recognizing that day length finally reaches ten hours after two months of short, dark days. The ancient Celtic pagans...
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  3. Crop Talk: Greenhouse Tomatoes & Cucumbers

    Bartelly F1 cherry tomatoes. To get the most out of valuable greenhouse real estate, you need the guarantee of a strong performance. High Mowing is dedicated to offering high quality genetics for tomato and cucumber seed with varieties developed for strong performances in protected culture. For a long season of crowd-pleasing cherry tomatoes, our growers love Sakura F1, a uniform...
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  4. From the Garden: Success with Flowers

      Browsing a seed catalog’s colorful flower assortment is a welcome respite for gardeners in winter. But decision making can be challenging: tall or short? Shade or sun-loving? Annual or perennial? High Mowing can help you achieve your best growth yet with supportive resources for variety selection and growing advice from our gardening community. Cut Flowers Double-Click Cosmos Blend. Impress...
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  5. Securing the Future of Organic Seed: High Mowing's Collaboration with Vitalis

    High Mowing is proud to partner with Vitalis Organic Seeds, an established global leader of organic seed production and breeding, to offer superior seed to the organic market. Through this unique relationship, Vitalis has shared high quality lettuce varieties Encino and Lovelock with High Mowing, allowing us to broaden our assortment and establish a dependable and enduring source for organic...
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