April 2017

  1. We Take Quality Into Our Own Hands

    There's a select group of seed crops that grow well here in Vermont. We have grown tomatoes, peppers, brassicas and squash here since our beginning, 21 years ago. The benefits go beyond simply having a healthy seed crop. Growing our own seed allows us to continue to increase our knowledge of all aspects of seed production, and to work more...
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  2. Earth Day

    On Earth Day, we like to take the time to reflect on how our work with organic seed fits into the framework of environmental and climate literacy. Although on the surface Earth Day may seem unrelated to agriculture – rather, you might wonder, isn’t it about a return to nature, protecting wildlife and natural habitats, recycling and cutting down on...
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  3. Consumer Reports Classifies Non-GMO Project Verification Seal as “Highly Meaningful”

    We here at High Mowing Organic Seeds are proud to announce that our partner and third-party verification organization, The Non-GMO Project, recently received Consumer Reports’ highest ranking for meaningfulness on its Non-GMO Project Verified seal. In April 2017, a report by Consumer Reports’ Greener Choices categorized the Non-GMO Project Verified seal as “a highly meaningful label for consumers wishing to avoid GMOs...
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  4. Crop Talk: Success with Carrots

    We’re quickly approaching spring planting at Riverside Collective Farm and we’ve decided to expand some of our carrot production. High Mowing has a great collection of carrot varieties that satisfy our needs. Here are some varieties that have worked on our farm and that Riverside’s customers know and love. For the past few years we’ve grown Napoli F1 in our...
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  5. Top 10 Varieties for School Gardens

    For avid gardeners who are also parents and/or teachers, the next few months are the prime time to start a garden at your kids’ school. But how do you know which plants are the best for timing your garden to the school year schedule? We’ve selected a few of our favorites that are guaranteed to get a harvest in while...
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