July 2017

  1. 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Farming

      Cristina Cosentino works as Field Operations Specialist at the H.O.G. Farm, a diversified organic vegetable farm in Brookhaven, NY. I no longer think of time as linear from date to date, but rather from vegetable to vegetable. I never thought that the mental organization of my personal life would be so intimately intertwined with memories of harvesting strawberries or...
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  2. Meet the High Mowing Trials Team

    It’s not unusual to find Taylor Maida, High Mowing’s Trials Lead, at her desk in the High Mowing warehouse, recording, analyzing and sharing data about specific vegetable varieties. But more often than not, she and her Trials team of Monique Gerbex and Katie Weller are out in one of the greenhouses or the Trials fields carefully tending to and recording...
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  3. Kingdom Farm and Food Days 2017

    Join High Mowing Organic Seeds in celebrating our vibrant agricultural community with Kingdom Farm and Food Days! When: Sunday, August 20, 12pm until 6pm Where: 1114 Marsh Road, Wolcott, VT 05680 What: Visit the High Mowing Organic Seeds showcase field on Sunday, August 20th. We'll be opening up our field on Marsh Road in Wolcott, VT from 12pm until 6pm. Get...
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  4. Avoiding Downy Mildew in Spinach: A Grower’s Guide

    As fall approaches, many growers are looking forward to once again being able offer cool weather crops like spinach for markets, CSAs and wholesale accounts. Depending on the region in which you grow, your hopes for a bumper spinach crop could be quickly dashed by a single aggressive outbreak of downy mildew. This guide will help you understand this destructive...
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  5. Why We Choose to Breed Our Own Organic Varieties

    Since its inception in 2004, High Mowing’s robust breeding and research program has invested resources in finding and breeding superior genetics exclusively in organic varieties so our growers can experience the best possible results when they grow with our seed. Breeding our own varieties for organics allows us to develop the specific qualities that organic growers require for their crops...
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  6. A Balanced Partnership: Considerations for Farmers Participating in On-Farm Research Trials

    UVM Research Assistant Haley Jean sampling soil. A few years ago, I was cultivating broccoli on a hot summer day, and found myself cursing as I hopped on and off the Farmall tractor to remove and replace dozens of brightly colored flags.  They were there to mark plots for an on-farm research project that our farm was hosting to study...
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