August 2017

  1. Sneak Peek at High Mowing Breeding Projects

    If you read last month’s blog post about why we choose to breed our own organic varieties, then you may be nipping at the bud to find out what exactly our Breeding and Research team has been working so diligently on refining these past few weeks. Here’s a peek at some of the successful projects High Mowing’s breeding program has...
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  2. Soil Test in the Fall for Next Year's Fertility

    Each September morning is a little darker, a little cooler, and a little dewier as the earth wraps its way towards another autumn. Although you may be tired, ragged and bleary-eyed from a hot, dry season, autumn is the ideal time to turn your remaining energy towards next year's soil fertility plan. The first step towards a soil fertility plan...
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  3. The Power of Seed: Why We Love What We Do

    “The grower of trees, the gardener, the man born to farming . . . to him the soil is a divine drug. What miraculous seed has he swallowed that the unending sentence of his love flows out of his mouth like a vine clinging in the sunlight, and like water descending in the dark?” –Wendell Berry, poet & farmer-philosopher What...
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  4. Our Cool Weather Garden GIVEAWAY!

    Enter for a chance to win supplies for a cool weather garden. This month’s giveaway will give one lucky winner our carefully curated Winter Garden seed collection and the practical Row Shelter Accelerator from Gardener’s Supply Company. Extend your harvest season with these great prizes!   HOW TO ENTER: It’s easy - just click “Log In” below if you have...
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  5. Breeding for Taste: A Profile of Culinary Farm Projects

    Photo courtesy of Shawn Linehan. As agriculture has advanced over the centuries, the demands of the farmer have likewise evolved to require very specific behaviors from the plant varieties that are grown commercially. Many of these demands relate to plant health and growth: overall vigor, specific disease resistances, beneficial plant structure, and high yields are common traits that farmers seek...
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