September 2017

  1. Meet Our Quality Assurance Team

    Seed quality has always played a central role at High Mowing, from the days when the company was a one-man operation to the present quality department composed of three full-time and one part-time staff. (L-R) Monique, Jamie, Patrick and Heather. Wiley (front, center) helps with QA team morale! Over the years, our definition of quality has expanded, we have tested...
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  2. No Bare Ground: Planning Your Cover Crops to Maximize Their Benefits

    The healthy-sized nodules on the roots of these field peas indicate that the plant has been fixing nitrogen in the soil. (Photo credit: Becky Maden.) I can tell you all the reasons why it is best for my body to eat well, sleep well, and exercise, but many days, my task-oriented brain takes over and I shove self-care to the...
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  3. Our Canning Supplies GIVEAWAY!

    Enter for a chance to improve your stock of canning supplies. This month's giveaway will give one lucky winner high quality canning supplies from Gardener's Supply Company. Preserve your harvest so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor all year long! HOW TO ENTER: It’s easy - just click “Log In” below if you have a Facebook account (if...
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  4. Success with Garden Based Education

    Late summer has come upon us here in the Southeastern United States.  Occasionally, a cool breeze sweeps through, and the mornings can be downright pleasant.  With late summer comes time to plan and start planting for fall gardens.  For me, planning for fall gardens also means it’s time to start another school year.  This year will be my fourth in...
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  5. Growing for Preservation

    In the Northeast, August marks the traditional beginning of harvest season.  While season extension has many growers harvesting year-round or close to it, August through September can still claim the heaviest, and most diverse, yields of the year.  With tomatoes weighing down the vine, zucchini overflowing in the fields, and cabbage sizing up in time for kraut-making, we’re now in...
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