December 2017

  1. Our High Mowing Gifts GIVEAWAY!

    Enter to win these great gifts and show your High Mowing spirit! This month’s giveaway will give one lucky winner a collection of High Mowing apparel: a hat, t-shirt and custom harvest knife. Show your High Mowing spirit with this great collection of goods! HOW TO ENTER: It’s easy - just click “Log In” below if you have a Facebook...
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  2. Year of Giving: Where Our Donations Went in 2017

    “We want to know how we can help.” It’s the phrase Tom Stearns, High Mowing’s owner and founder, starts with when he’s talking to an organization he admires. And there are plenty to admire these days—farm to school initiatives, school garden initiatives, food desert elimination work, community garden programs, church gardens, food bank gardens, disaster relief groups...
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  3. Small Scale Wholesale

    When I first left the large CSA farm I had helped manage for my husband’s small wholesale tomato operation, I was sure that he’d swoon over my stunningly fast tomato picking and packing skills. Many years of harvests for the CSA had taught me to make lightening quick decisions about which tomatoes were market firsts, which were seconds, and which...
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  4. Micros for Everyone

    An interview with Anne and Brian Bates of Bear Creek Organic Farm on year-round microgreens production in Petoskey, Michigan How did you determine that microgreens production was right for your farm? Three years ago, we were brainstorming new products that would complement our existing year-round greens production. After we saw growers at other markets selling them successfully, we tried two...
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