February 2018

  1. CROP TALK: Potatoes

    Well, it’s that time again: with seed potato ship dates are just around the corner, we thought it might be useful to offer some variety advice while you ponder your spud season. Here’s a guide to variety selection for different climates and growing conditions: Potatoes can be grown in a wide variety of field and soil conditions, just as long...
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  2. Q&A with Natalie Carver, Horticulture Director at Love & Carrots

    The woman-owned urban farm and garden installation team taking Washington, D.C. by storm! Love & Carrots' distinctive and custom-made cedar raised beds. Q: Describe the structure of your projects. Soup-to-nuts, how does an urban garden by Love & Carrots come to fruition? A: Each new garden starts with a consultation and a design. We work with our clients to create...
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  3. Our Grow Light Kit GIVEAWAY!

    Get a jump start on spring with this grow light system for plants! One lucky winner of this month’s giveaway will receive this grow light kit from our friends at Gardener's Supply Company for starting plants indoors. With this system you can grow all year, even in months with shorter daylight hours. Light bulbs are full-spectrum T5 fluorescents, suitable for starting...
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  4. Best Practices for Early Season Seedling Propagation

    I love this time of year.  Outside the snow is still piling up, but inside we’re sowing seeds.  It feels like a giddy secret—the smell of soil, the germinating seeds and the unfurling of true leaves, while outside the plow is rumbling down the road and every non-farmer is wondering how long winter will last. Okay, every farmer is wondering...
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  5. Crop Talk: Tomatoes

    Let’s talk tomatoes. Almost no other crop screams “summer” like a vine-ripened tomato straight off the plant. Whether it’s a full-on beefsteak or a handful of colorful cherries, that first harvest of the season is the moment farmer and consumer alike have been waiting for since January. At High Mowing, we’ve put together a solid collection of resources for organic...
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