March 2018

  1. Our Top 10 Veggies for Growing in Containers

    If you’re gardening in limited space and plan to grow only 6 vegetables this year, these are the ones to choose. By planting in large 3-5 gallon containers, using good quality potting soil, watering regularly, and fertilizing monthly, you can easily harvest fresh greens, cucumbers, eggplants, summer squash, peppers and tomatoes all season long – and you only need 6...
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  2. CROP TALK: Successions

    Having a consistent presence at your market, whether it’s a wholesale account or a farmers market, is critical to sustaining repeat customers. Knowing that you have what they want week after week will build business and traffic, and give you a consistent audience as your offerings increase over the season. Hitting this rhythm takes both planning and real estate. Choices...
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  3. Our Staff Picks Through the Years

    Everyone has a favorite. Read on for top picks from our veggie-loving staff who grow these varieties year after year: "My family's favorite companion planting is Italian Largeleaf basil with Peacevine cherry tomatoes - I can't help but pick one of each and eat them simultaneously. The flavor! I also sprinkle Dolciva carrots in a circle around each tomato plant's...
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  4. Our Seed Starting Kit GIVEAWAY!

    Help your plants beat the cold with a seedling heat mat and our seed starting kit! This month’s giveaway includes a heat mat from Gardener’s Supply for warm-soil loving plants, and our very own seed starting kit, complete with soil from Vermont Compost Company and trays to start your seedlings. HOW TO ENTER: It’s easy - just click “Log In”...
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  5. Functional Farming

    How Functional Training Can Improve Farming Performance and Health by Cristina Cosentino & Jesse Lapiana I’ve never seen a farming job description that didn’t feature “must be able to repeatedly lift 50 pounds” in its qualifications. Growing veggies is one of the most physically demanding, strenuous jobs. In fact, I don’t know a single farmer without back pain. While agricultural apprenticeships are...
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