May 2018

  1. Summer-Sown Cover Crops: How to Plan, Establish and Incorporate

    Why Summer-Sown? Buckwheat (left) and BMR Sorghum-Sudangrass F1 (right). When the summer is your prime harvesting season (as it is for growers in the north), or your short rest before another growing season (as it is for growers in the south), it can be easy to marginalize anything other than cash crops in favor of the things that need your...
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  2. Common Plant Pests & Organic Control Options

    We’ve posted several in-depth articles on pest control here on our Seed Hopper blog before, and you can find all of them archived in the “Plant Pests” category in the left-hand navigation column. They include coverage of Striped Cucumber Beetles, Colorado Potato Beetles, Japanese Beetles and Bloat Nematodes. Our “What’s Wrong with My Garden?” series goes over many common plant...
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  3. Our Father's Day GIVEAWAY!

    The perfect gift for the father who gardens, or grills – or both! Courtesy of Cider Mill Press Book Publishers, From Garden to Grill by Elizabeth Orsini is a hefty volume of mouth-watering vegetable-based recipes for every grill master. Full color photos accompany recipes including grilled eggplant pizza, garlic-stuffed grilled tomatoes, and grilled peach and corn salsa. This prize also...
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  4. An Organic Solution: High Mowing’s Steam Treatment Research

    Seed borne diseases present a serious threat to growers. The organic industry has limited tools for addressing these seed borne pathogens. In an innovative effort to find an organic solution to the problems caused by seed borne disease, High Mowing’s owner and founder, Tom Stearns, is spearheading research on steam treatment of seeds. The Challenge The challenge of disease control...
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  5. Why Choose EazyLeaf Lettuce

    Lettuce is the epitome of fresh.  From early spring harvests to salads in the heat of summer to the delight of local greens in late fall and winter, a salad adds a splash freshness to every meal. At Good Heart Farmstead, where we grow intensively on 1 acre for both CSA and wholesale, salad mix is our main wholesale crop. ...
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