June 2018

  1. Creating a Stale Seed Bed with Solarization

    Stale seed beds are beds in which weed seeds have been allowed to germinate, and then are killed before direct-seeding or transplanting your crop. Creating stale seed beds can save you time cultivating by getting rid of the weeds before you direct-seed or transplant your crop, and at Good Heart Farmstead this is one of our main weed control practices...
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  2. Our Garden Tools GIVEAWAY!

    Thanks to our partners at Gardener’s Supply Company this month’s giveaway winner will receive a complete new garden tool set. Gardener’s exclusive Intervale Essential Garden Tools set includes a trowel, twist fork and rake cultivator, all made out of antique stainless steel with smooth, ash handles and leather hanging cords. A gardener’s dream!   HOW TO ENTER: It’s easy...
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  3. Pest or No Pest? How to Diagnose Abiotic Plant Disorders

    There are a myriad of ways a plant can show signs of abnormalities. Sometimes these abnormalities are due to the worst causes – namely harmful pests or diseases. But other times, the symptoms are emblematic of an underlying cause, either cultural or environmental, and can often be reversed as long as diagnosis is correct and treatment is swift. When a...
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