July 2018

  1. Fall Cover Crops: How to Plan, Establish and Incorporate

    Why Plant Fall Cover Crops? A cover crop of winter rye emerging in early fall. Fall is the most common, and arguably the most important, time to sow cover crops. When the window for getting new cash crops in the ground closes, the window for sowing overwintering or winterkill cover crops begins. For some regions this can be as early...
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  2. 5 Water Retention Methods for Organic Growers

    Even if you don’t live in a drought-prone area, water retention is advantageous for any growing space. Vegetables require copious amounts of water to grow to their ideal eating size, and even in humid climates where moisture is plentiful farms must use surprising amounts of water for irrigation to achieve ideal results. No matter where you live and grow, there...
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  3. Our Garden Irrigation GIVEAWAY!

    Thanks to our partners at Gardener’s Supply Company this month’s giveaway winner will receive a state-of-the-art irrigation system. Gardener’s exclusive Waterwell Irrigation System is an easy-to-install drip line system that allows slow, root-zone watering that your garden plants will love. Customize it to fit your garden space and never worry about drought again!  HOW TO ENTER: It’s easy - just...
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  4. Our Sweet Pea & Friends GIVEAWAY!

    Thanks to our friends at Little, Brown Young Readers we're offering a very special sweepstakes this month: a copy of the newly released children's book ALPACA LUNCH, the latest in the popular series Sweet Pea & Friends. The beloved lamb Sweet Pea returns in this new release to offer a view of Moonrise Farm – located just down the road from High...
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