September 2018

  1. Sneak Peek at Our 2019 Seed Catalog

    High Mowing's 2019 organic seed catalog will soon be on its way to growers! Here's a little sneak peek at what you’ll find in our catalog this year. (You can request a FREE copy if you haven't already, by clicking here.) GROWER PROFILES One of things we love the most about running a business that supports individual organic growers is...
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  2. What’s Up With Your Soil?

    How well do you know the soil that grows your food? Do you know whether your soil is “healthy” or “unhealthy” (or somewhere in between)? Even the most advanced growers will admit that there is always more to learn about the soil and how to nurture nutrients, biota, microorganisms and soil structure. Every year brings new opportunity to learn more...
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  3. Our Harvest Season GIVEAWAY!

    Thanks to our partners at Gardener’s Supply Company and Running Press, this month’s giveaway winner will receive a multipurpose garden hod harvest basket and a copy of the cookbook Food in Jars by Marisa McClellan. Gardener’s exclusive Mod Hod allows gardeners to easily wash soil off a harvest by rinsing produce right in the durable plastic basket. Once your harvest...
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  4. Why They Grow: The Story Behind Our Catalog Cover

    While all of the growers featured on our 2018 catalog cover use High Mowing seeds in their operations, more than seed ties them together. What they’re growing extends well beyond great vegetables: they grow healthier families, future leaders and new models for organic distribution. These nontraditional crops exemplify a shared dedication to nourishing our community, a value High Mowing equally...
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