May 2019

  1. Cichoria!: Italianize your Farm and Round Out your Season with Bitter Sweet Chicories

    Umami is not the only neglected flavor to resurge mainstream taste as of late. Amaro has recently become a household word and we can thank the often chicory-infused Italian liqueurs for giving bitter its trendy new platform. Not only does every restaurant menu in New York City now feature a variation of a chicory salad, but every dive bar mixes...
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  2. Our Garden Tool GIVEAWAY!

    Every gardener’s go-to tool, the Hori Hori knife. Multifunctional and easy to use, Hori Hori knives are the ultimate garden tool. Good for weeding, digging, and transplanting, the sharp double-edged blade cuts through most anything – it’s even handy for cutting twine when you’ve forgotten your scissors! This month’s giveaway will grant one lucky winner the garden tool of their...
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  3. Crop Talk: Fall Crops

    Though it hardly seems fair with spring having just begun, May and June are the time to be thinking about what, if anything, you’ll be harvesting when the fall arrives. Here are a few crucial fall crops to plan for, and some resources to help you have success with your fall harvests: Fall Root Crops Lauded for their impressive storability...
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