July 2019

  1. Variety Spotlight - Cucumbers

    When it comes to the heat of summer, few vegetables are more refreshing than a crisp, freshly harvested cucumber eaten straight from the field, incorporated into a salad, or even juiced with mint or basil to make a delicious healthy beverage.  These prolific plants are the unsung heroes of summer and here at High Mowing we celebrate them with variety...
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  2. Submit Your Hero Photos for the 2020 Catalog

    WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE FEATURED IN OUR 2020 CATALOG?     Are you growing any of our varieties this year? If so, consider taking a “hero” photo and sending it our way!  We want to include growers from all over the map in our next catalog. Here’s what we’re looking for in a “hero” shot: - one (or more...
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  3. Believe The Hype: No Till Growing Methods for Small Farms

    No Till Farming When it comes to farming, there are endless examples of people who have turned their craft into a livelihood through innovations and techniques honed over time to create a system that is truly unique.  Often when someone in the farming community really taps into something special, the practices seep into the collective mind of farmers all over...
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