August 2019

  1. Quick Fall Crops

    With just one month of summer left until the first day of fall, there's still time to get some quick growing crops in the ground for autumn and early winter harvests.  Here at High Mowing, we offer a great selection of speedy greens and roots that can fill the garden out even as the days get shorter and the temps...
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  2. Our Beneficial Nematode Giveaway!

    This month’s giveaway winner will receive Beneficial Nematodes from gardener’s supply company.  These Beneficial Nematodes target and eliminate garden pests in their larval or pupal stages and are safe to humans and pets. Simply add them to your watering can, hose end sprayer or irrigation system! HOW TO ENTER: It’s easy - just click “Log In” below if you have a Facebook account...
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  3. Keep Things Growing with Season Extension

    The changing seasons each offer their own unique sets of challenges as well as potential benefits.  Moving into the fall growing season, the daylight hours continue to reduce in length and the temperature begins to cool which, in turn, lowers the temperature of the soil.  While this may slow down the growth of crops in the field, new innovations in...
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