High Mowing's 2020 organic seed catalog will soon be on its way to growers! Here's a little sneak peek at what you’ll find in our catalog this year. (You can request a FREE copy if you haven't already, by clicking here.)

The Three Essential Pillars of High Mowing Organic Seeds


It’s no secret that our mission at High Mowing is to increase the availability of organic seed for growers and gardeners alike.  While this one goal may appear simple, it contributes to a larger, more elaborate system of beneficial effects that spread like ripples on a lake.  We like to think of our work as having three essential pieces: it is good for you, good for us, and good for all.  These three components serve as our checks and balances, our motivation and inspiration, and as a means of holding our fingers on the pulse of the changing agricultural landscape ahead. 

In our 2020 catalog, we bring the spotlight onto these three essential pieces of our mission driven business and show how work that contributes to the well being of all involved is an essential part of building a just and sustainable future.

Good For You

Our partnership with top plant breeders like VDF Specialty Seeds allows us to offer our growers and gardeners the best first layer of defense against Downy Mildew in basil: improved genetics.

Good For Us

Our partnerships with breeders not only offer our customers the best selection of organic genetics, but many times these relationships also help us overcome our own obstacles at High Mowing Organic Seeds.  Pure Line Seeds provides the infrastructure and expertise necessary when tackling tricky production issues commonly associated with crops like sugar snap peas.

Good For All

The collective web of organic producers that plant our seeds is a powerful fabric of intention that we are honored to be a part of and the foods they produce are nourishing eaters across the country.  So long as growers need reliable organic varieties to plant, we will be there to heed the call, knowing that bringing these powerful tools to skilled hands will bring about good for all.


It has been amazing here at High Mowing seeing all of your inspiring #WhyWeGrow posts.  Your stories from the field have given us a lot of hope for the future and we are honored that you have been willing to share your journey with the growing community on social media and throughout our catalog pages.  Continued from last year, you will see more encouraging words and stories from farmers, gardeners, and eaters in the 2020 catalog.  Thank you to each of you who have participated and continue to share your experiences going forward!

Introducing Harvesting Knives

We are excited to add a Victorinox harvesting knife to our 2020 catalog!  This sheep's foot paring knife has a serrated edge that stays sharp all season long.  The polypropylene handle is NSF certified to ensure minimal crevices that could collect unwanted bacteria.  Suitable for delicate harvests as well as light pruning on tough stems, these 3.25 inch blades are the busy grower's constant companion during the season.  Made in Switzerland with a lifetime warranty, this sturdy and compact knife is an awesome way to show off your support of High Mowing Organic Seeds.


We've added 53 exciting new organic varieties of peppers, greens, flowers, lettuces, micros, tomatoes, corn, and more!

Here's a sneak peak:

Stanton F1 Cabbage

Refined white interiors that are crisp and delicious for fresh eating, protected by durable, waxy leaves that allow for long term storage.   These large, semi-savoy heads come on after Deadon F1 and carry more weight in February when overwintered.  Extremely uniform with strong stems, the heads are set high off the ground.  Excellent cold tolerance makes these cabbages a good option for winter production.  From our partners at Bejo Seeds.  

Natural Bright XR F1 Corn

Exceptional white, sweet corn with great husk protection and tender, sweet kernels.  This sister hybrid of Natural Sweet XR is the first white kernelled, organic variety brought to us by the continued breeding efforts of Illinois Foundation Seeds.  These vigorous, 6’ tall plants have strong resistance to lodging in the field and produce 8” ears of corn with superb eating quality.

Wasabina Mustard Green

Beautiful light green frills with sweet and spicy, wasabi flavor.  At maturity, the leaves have enjoyable texture and remain tender, complementing their dynamic and unique flavor.  Extremely cold tolerant, the plants are also slow to bolt and the serrated leaves remain upright and beautifully green throughout the growing season. 

Burgandy Eazyleaf Lettuce

Deeply incised leaves on this red tango type have crunchy texture and lofty volume.  A vivid green interior is contrasted with a delightful medium red exterior, making for a beautiful addition to salad mixes or simply as a mini head.  Leaves have a narrow attachment which make them ideal for whole leaf production.  This eye-catching lettuce is not only a stunning addition to our Eazyleaf lettuces, it is also pleasing to the palate with tender leaves and delicate, enjoyable flavor. 

True Love F1 Cantaloupe

High Sugar melon with near perfect texture designed to complement its sister variety, First Kiss F1.  A testament to our trials process, this melon is the perfect complement to First Kiss F1 as it is full slip, slightly later and larger, and can be planted as a second succession for continual melon harvest.  The aromatic sweetness of this melon evokes the feelings of true love and this show stopping cultivar comes to us from Dr. Brent Loy at the University of New Hampshire. 

Primero Red Habanero F1 Pepper

High yields of large, beautifully red peppers with habanero flavor and one third the heat.  One of the earliest ripening habaneros with fruit reaching maturity at the same time as the bell peppers.  Can be grown in the ground or in a container.  An excellent choice for the pepper lover who wants to enjoy the taste of the habanero without the typical intensity. 

Rutgers Obsession DMR Basil

Very attractive, compact plants with the strongest downy mildew resistance we’ve seen.  This line of downy mildew resistant basil has been trialed against market standards across the country and has come up aces every time. In our own field trials in northern Vermont, Obsession also impressed us with high marks for plant vigor and bolt tolerance. Plants have a high leaf-to-stem ratio and average 26" in height. Suitable for field or potted plant production. We are excited to offer Obsession as organic seed thanks to our partnership with the team at VDF Specialty Seeds