Another productive trials season has passed and our 2020 catalog has been printed.  Before long, catalogs will be making their way to farms and gardens across the map.  We've had the privilege of evaluating several new varieties and have added 53 of these outstanding performers to our catalog.  Each new addition has proven to be adaptive, resilient, productive, and of course, packed with delicious flavor.  We are excited to offer you this newest selection of organic, non-GMO cultivars and hope that they bring even more beauty and bounty to your 2020 growing season.

You can browse these tempting new varieties online or you can request a free copy of our 2020 catalog to peruse through the pages at your leisure.  There are few things more satisfying in the cooler months for a grower than luxuriating in a warm place with a colorful, hopeful seed catalog, envisioning what the following season may bring.

Whether it's in your easy chair or in between harvests in your poly tunnel, we are happy to meet you where you're at and bring you the plant materials we feel confidently will contribute to plentiful harvests and delicious meals.

Here’s some of the new additions:


Badger Flame 〉 A unique oblong golden beet cultivar developed with flavor-first chefs and consumers in mindThis fascinating cultivar caught our attention back in 2011 and we’ve been seeking to offer it ever since. The beauty of this vibrant plant goes beyond its glowing yellow-orange roots and glossy green leaves: it has been developed over many years to omit the traditional “earthy” flavor caused by geosmin that beets are known for, leaving a perfectly mild and sweet golden beet that is delightful when eaten raw. This one-of-a-kind variety comes to us from renowned plant breeder Irwin Goldman of the University of Wisconsin. 




Formanova  Large, cylindrical roots that slice into uniform pieces ideal for cooking or canning.  Roots are long and extend well above the soil for easy harvest.  Great market appeal from unusual shape.  Productive storage variety with deep red flesh and healthy, harvestable leaves. 





Kalibos 〉 Elegantly shaped, pointed red cabbages that shed winter weather and store for extended eating and selling.   A breathtaking cabbage with a mild sweetness and crunch that lasts well into storage.  The bright purple head of the cabbage is housed in an elaborate formation of green leaves making this exceptionally beautiful plant a showcase on the farm or in the garden.  Excellent pairing for Murdoc F1.  From our partners at Fruition Seeds. 



Reaction F1  Productive and uniform storage cabbage with a crisp, matte white interiorThis crowd-pleasing cabbage is dense and sweet with a beautiful heart.  Producing medium sized heads when spaced normally, this variety can also be planted closer to encourage the development of mini heads.  Mini heads are a great addition to the farmers market table or retail outlet as large cabbages can sometimes intimidate shoppers. 




Minime F1  Delicious snack-sized, mini cucumbers that grow well in the field or greenhouse.  High yielding plants are covered in small, uniform fruits that have very smooth skin and juicy, refreshing flesh.  Harvest when fruit is finger sized for a perfect bite.  Great for throwing in a lunch box or taking in the car on a road trip.  





Piccolo F1  Adorable miniature fruits are beautifully variegated with bright purple skin and delicate white stripes. Vigorous, parthenocarpic plants produce impressive yields over a long season. Slightly oval-shaped fruits are easy to slice and grill and are the perfect size for stuffing. Excellent shelf-life and a unique addition to market displays.  





Strawberry Fields 〉 Brilliant red globe amaranth with long, sturdy stems perfect for fresh cut flowers and for dried floral arrangements.  These productive plants fill a garden space with multitudes of bright red globes in a tight bush habit.  The durable stems are great for bouquets and the flowers hold their beautiful color when dried.  With long field holding quality, the entire plant can be pulled at the close of the season to preserve the flowers.  Great addition to the Las Vegas Mix. 



Garnet Red Amaranth 〉 Large, beautiful plants with impressive red spires ideal for fresh bouquets.  This versatile plant is a delicious microgreen, baby leaf green, and attractive flower that is sure to bring joy to the garden or dinner table.  Heat tolerant, the plants can reach towering heights and will grow steadily through the summer weather.  Dramatic plumes of deep red flowers are a striking addition to flower arrangements and fresh bouquets.  These brilliant plants are a stand out in a garden setting. 




Red Lace Elegant mustard with lacey frills of reddish-purple leaves.  These delicate but sturdy mustard leaves are aromatic and flavorful, serving as a beautiful accent in a greens mix and excellent when harvested at babyleaf size.  The leaves introduce loft to salads and their elaborate leaf structure sheds water which prevents them from sticking to other leaves post-harvest




Uber 〉 Dark green colored, serrated leaves with upright growth habit that contributes to easy harvesting.  A good replacement for Surrey, this variety offers a similar leaf shape with improved flavor. Upright growth habit could be cut mechanically.  Leaves are smaller, more uniform, and refined than Esmee. Early like Surrey, these beautiful leaves look elegant on a plate.  From our partners at CN Seeds.  Eruca sativa 





Krausa Parsley 〉 Thick curls of deep green leaves on remarkably sweet stems.  Beautiful curled leaf parsley with delicious stems with a flavor reminiscent of celery.  These plants are somewhat taller than other curled parsley varieties and hold their color in the field without developing white or brown spots.  Very cold tolerant and stands up well to summer heat.  From our partners at Bejo Seeds





Truchas 〉 Attractive garnet mini-romaine forming dense, compact heads with lime green hearts. Stunning color contrast makes an irresistible lettuce display. Deep magenta leaves taper to bright lime green hearts in each upright, cylindrical head. Good uniformity and structural integrity for ease of washing. Pair with Spretnak or Newham for an eye-catching combination! Replaces Rhazes. From Vitalis Organic Seeds. 




Alkindus 〉 Uniform red butterhead with thick, slightly ruffled cabernet colored leaves.  Dark red outer leaves with a beautiful bright green heart.  The leaves are shiny, dense, and durable, making them resistant to damage during washing and handling.  High resistance to Downy Mildew and Red Aphids.  Plants keep well in the field throughout the season and do not get bitter with heat. 




Burgandy 〉 Deeply incised leaves on this red tango type have crunchy texture and lofty volume.  A vivid green interior is contrasted with a delightful medium red exterior, making for a beautiful addition to salad mixes or simply as a mini head.  Leaves have a narrow attachment which make them ideal for whole leaf production.  This eye-catching lettuce is not only a stunning addition to our EZ Leaf lettuces, it is also pleasing to the palate with tender leaves and delicate, enjoyable flavor. 




Aji Rico F1 〉 Early season production of thin walled, crunchy fruits with warmth and a refreshing citrus flavor.  Large, resilient plants produce shiny, bright green fruits that mature to a brilliant red.  Peppers are delicious when eaten at any stage in their ripeness and can be dried easily to make a homemade “paprika” style powder or pepper flake.  The sweetness that develops as the pepper matures is reminiscent of a juicy bell pepper and is a great addition to salsas, sauces, and soups. 



Waldo F1 〉 Eye-catching white peppers with attractive, blocky shape and a delicious, fresh flavor.  Compact plants produce an abundance of beautiful, ghost white fruits that will mature into a matte yellow.  These peppers are meant to be harvested in their white stage as an early colored pepper but can be harvested at full maturity for a gentle, sweet flavor.  Peppers are visually striking when contrast to the green peppers that are also harvested in the early season. 



Olly F1 〉 Robust plants produce abundant harvests of blocky, red peppers with exceptionally sweet flavor.  Beautifully vibrant red peppers that ripen rapidly and have a gorgeously fresh sweetness.  Peppers are uniform and thick walled, giving them longevity in the field.  An excellent option for growers seeking an early red pepper for production or for the home gardener in search of a reliable and flavorful red for fresh eating or preserves. 





Huckleberry Gold 〉 Strikingly beautiful, purple skinned potatoes with deep, yellow flesh.  Round to oval tubers that are high in antioxidants and have a low glycemic index.  Good resistance to tuber malformations and less susceptible to hollow heart than Yukon Gold.  Excellent fresh for market with good storage quality. 



Summer Squash


Mexicana F1 〉 Medium green fruits with small blossom ends and attractive tapered form.  Plants are single stemmed and present a very open and upright growth habit, making for easy harvests.  Skin and flesh are tender and sweet, and plants are highly productive long into the growing season. 





Valentine F1 〉 Heavy yields of early ripening grape tomatoes with brilliant red, meaty flesh.  This highly productive grape tomato has outstanding flavor and was prolific in our field trials.  Ripening at just 55 days, it is an early tomato that is dynamic in a small tomato mix and boasts a long shelf life post-harvest.  Developed with Penn State’s patented high-lycopene breeding lines, plants exhibit resistance to early blight and have good heat tolerance.  An AAS Winner for its unbeatable productivity, firm flesh, and delicious flavor. 



Moonbeam 〉 Glowing white, translucent grape tomato with oblong frame and delicious, fruity bite. This remarkable tomato has dramatic visual appeal, especially when added to a small tomato mix.  Not only are these white grape tomatoes stunningly unique, they are packed with a tasty punch of unbeatable flavor.  Ideal for the tomato grower seeking a fruit with both style and exceptional eating quality. Part of High Mowing’s exclusive Galaxy Blend tomato collection bred by Philip Griffiths of Cornell University.  



Cherokee Carbon F1 〉 Dusky purple beefsteak tomato developed from a cross between two taste-test winning heirlooms.  This remarkable tomato boasts the resiliency and crack resistance of a hybrid plant while still maintaining the beauty and flavor of the heirlooms that created it.  A perfect mix of Cherokee Purple and Carbon, this tomato provides for the greatest tomato sandwich you have ever had.  Tall plants are prolific and productive and will generate fruit all the way up to first frost.   



Tasti Lee F1 〉 Aggressive producers of brilliant red fruits with extended eating quality post-harvest.  These determinate plants produce abundant crops of slightly flattened fruits that maintain excellent eating quality long after picking.  Plants provide shade to ripening fruit, protecting developing tomatoes from sunscald.  Highly resistant to both Fusarium Wilt and Verticillium Wilt, it is a standout performer in both the greenhouse and the field.  The perfect balance of sweetness and acidity makes this tomato a favorite of those who love the classic red tomato. 


Winter Squash


Autumn Frost F1 〉 Beautiful moschata squash with delicious butternut flavor and decorative appeal.  Don’t be fooled by the decorative gourd-level beauty of this productive squash.  The unique appearance houses a delicious flesh that is sweet, earthy, and reminiscent of your favorite butternut squash.  Perfect for roasting, pies, and breads, this flavorful squash brings a richness to every dish.  It is an excellent storage crop, allowing you to enjoy the flavor and sales of this beautiful squash long after harvest is through.