January 2020

  1. Early Spring Greenhouse Prep

    For some growers in North America, the greenhouse season has just arrived (or for some, it never actually ended) and it's time to get prepared for the crop season to come. Below is a basic greenhouse checklist that we hope will give you some inspiration for getting into the growing groove. Clean and disinfect (everything) As you know, good hygiene...
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  2. Adding Flowers to Your Farm

    When it comes to market gardening, it can be difficult to find a balance between diversity and efficiency. Whether you're hoping to put together a beautiful table at a farmers market, attract restaurant sales, coops or local shops, or satiate the culinary curiosities of a big CSA, having a wide selection of different crops, varieties, and options keeps your operation...
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  3. DIY Flourescent Light GIVEAWAY

                    This month’s giveaway winner will receive DIY Fluorescent T5 Grow Light Fixtures 36" from Gardener’s Supply Company. This set of two handy 3' strip lights promote healthy seedling growth and keep houseplants happy. These convenient strip lights can be hung or surface-mounted. You can even install them vertically to provide supplemental light for tall...
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  4. The Grow Guide Podcast: Paul Feenan of High Mowing Seeds

    Sales Representative Paul Feenan joins Dave Hanson and Maggie Wysocki of The Grow Guide Podcast to share some of the history of our Vermont-based seed company. Paul highlights how significant the decision to be 100% organic, non-GMO Project Verified was back when High Mowing Organic Seeds started in the mid 1990's. Listen to the full episode here. Browse some of...
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  5. How to Make the Most Out of a Farming Conference

    Farm Conference season is here and we know just how daunting it can be. Whether you're an introvert, new to farming, or can't decide what classes to take, the packed agendas and extreme networking can be a lot to take in. As you register and prepare for your chosen conferences, we wanted to offer some advice for getting the most...
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