March 2020

  1. Heat Mat Giveaway

                      This month's giveaway winner will receive a Seedling Starting Heat Mat from Gardener's Supply. These heat mats speed seed germination and stimulate root growth by keeping soil at about 70º F. Here's a clever extra — instructions and growing tips are printed right on the mat, so you can't lose them...
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  2. Farmland Transitions Part 2

    While challenges and pressures will continue to exist for those who hope to stand up to the problems inherent in our modern food system, there are always those who have gone before and those who are finding solutions to these issues today. Connecting to elders, collaborating with community members, reaching out to other farmers, and tapping into the local and...
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  3. Farmland Transitions Part 1

    While there has never been more access to information for young farmers seeking to learn, it seems as though acquiring the land and capital to start an agricultural enterprise has never been more difficult. As this newest generation of agrarians face the mounting pressures of student debt, finding land with good access to markets, systemic racism in land ownership, and...
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  4. Safe Workers, Safe Seeds: HMOS’s Response to COVID-19

      For the most up to date information from High Mowing, we encourage you to sign up for our weekly email series. As developments continue regarding the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, and demand for organic seed increases, our staff are working hard to maintain our standards for customer service wait times, shipping turnaround times, and maintaining a steady supply of organic seed.  We want our growers to be...
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  5. Planning an Efficient & Safe Wash/Pack Area

    By Chris Callahan, Hans Estrin, and Andy Chamberlin Summary Efficiency and food safety are integral parts of running a profitable and viable farm, producing high-quality produce, and retaining valuable employees. This integration should start with a vision in the planning stage of all postharvest projects. Planning with efficiency and safety in mind ensures that growers “own” their systems and spend...
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