April 2020

  1. Harvest Tips for Crop Families

    As we begin to plant our seeds in preparation for an abundant harvest season, we wanted to share this handy list of harvest tips divided up by crop families. Every crop has a few unique harvest tricks that can help prevent spoilage post-harvest, stop the spread of disease among your plants, and ultimately lead to the freshest bites from the garden. As you head into the growing season, pick your flowers in the morning, harvest...
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  2. Important Updates from High Mowing Seeds

    Dear Growers,    Our hearts are warmed to see how many of you are turning to seeds and growing as a response to COVID-19. It is clear that people are ready and eager to provide for their families and neighbors during these uncertain times. Because of record-breaking order volumes we have made some tough decisions. As of April 11th we are not accepting new orders from home gardeners until April 28th, and are currently only accepting commercial farmer or seed...
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  3. Meet Taylor Maida, High Mowing's Trials Manager

    If you've gotten the High Mowing Seed Catalog over the years, chances are you've seen her. Taylor Maida, the Trials Manager at High Mowing Organic Seeds, may not choose to be in the spotlight, but photos of her and her work are often scattered throughout the pages of our yearly catalog. Behind the scenes, Taylor's expertise and know-how over the...
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  4. Companion Planting: Planting New Memories

    There’s something to be said about those feelings and experiences from your younger days that lock a moment in time. They can hold a spot within us where everything was a little easier, or you were with a special person, or at a special place. They can also take all forms and flavors. For me, lots of my special moments...
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