October 2020

  1. Seeds Online: Where to Find High Mowing During Virtual Conference Season

    2020 has brought with it many changes to business as usual and one thing that has been forced to adapt are farm and food conferences and gatherings. In a normal year, we would be traveling all around the country to visit with farmers and gardeners at annual agricultural conferences, and our catalog and educational materials would be available in tradeshows and conference halls across...
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  2. High Mowing's Evolving Seed Inventory

    As we prepare for the launch of our new 2021 seed catalog highlighting 54 new and exciting, organic varieties, we’ve gotten a few questions about when to buy seed for optimal quality and freshness. While it may seem like a new seed catalog and new growing season would mean all new seed in the warehouse, it’s not that simple.   We Pack New Seed All Year Long  We are...
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  3. Our Storage Basket Giveaway

                      This month’s giveaway winner will receive a gorgeous, handwoven Storage Basket from Gardener’s Supply.  Plastic grocery bags retain moisture, which can cause potatoes and onions to rot. These beautifully woven storage baskets have been used for centuries in Europe and protect the quality of your produce, while maximizing shelf life. Filling from the top, they dispense vegetables from the pocket below. Set of two; large...
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