January 2021

  1. Introducing Our New Quick Order Tool

    Ready to sit down with your catalog and order your favorite varieties quickly and easily?  We've revised our Quick Order tool to create a simpler and more streamlined way to create your order online, whether you’re visiting our site from your desktop computer or your mobile phone.  This tool helps you create a list of the varieties you plan to purchase without having to...
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  2. Pest Management: The Lygus Bug

    Most all of the carrots grown for seed in North America and Europe are biennials. This means that the plants will take two seasons to fully mature and require a period of cold temperatures to induce flowering and the production of seeds. Biennial crops can be tricky; their extended stay in the field can further expose them to the damaging...
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  3. Carrot Seed Production Enemy: The Lygus Bug

    You may have noticed that some of your favorite carrot varieties have become temporarily unavailable or backordered. This issue is being caused by a surging population of a pest that has a particular taste for Umbellifers, the family of plants that carrots belong to. Lygus Bugs, an insect categorization with over 40 unique species, are common across North America with a notorious reputation for...
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  4. Our Seed Starting GIVEAWAY!

    The winner of this month's giveaway will receive Our organic Seed Starting Kit! Included is everything you need, including the seeds! Our seed starting kit is perfect for growing your own healthy seedlings or indoor greens. When growing indoor greens such as shoots or microgreens, plant directly in the standard 1020 tray. For starting seedlings, plant in the 50-cell tray...
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  5. Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

    As you begin to make your growing plans for 2021, we want you to know you are not alone. The High Mowing team has dedicated time, effort and creativity to ensuring that we will have seed for our growers this spring and we will continue to do our very best to keep seed available for those who need it. For information...
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  6. Improving our Garlic Management

    Here at High Mowing, we understand how essential a reliable and productive garlic crop is in a garden or on a farm. We take our job of sourcing high quality, organic garlic very seriously and it is for that reason that garlic is one of the trickier seed items we manage in our warehouse. We know how frustrating it is...
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