April 2021

  1. Methods for Drying Cut Flowers

    The beauty of flowers is something that growers look forward to during the off season, sometimes even more than the flavors of summer vegetables. The first blooms in the garden or in the high tunnel are incredibly cheerful and hopeful and provide a unique form of nourishment that is powerful for boosting morale. While the season of sowing and growing flowers...
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  2. Our Direct Sowing Giveaway

    The winner of this month's giveaway will receive some helpful supplies for direct sowing crops from Gardeners Supply Company.  Permanent Paint Marking Pen  Industrial-strength, the paint dries in 30 seconds, and is designed to be impervious to sun and rain.  A perfect marking pen for plant labels  Paint is longer lasting than ink  Fast-drying and weatherproof  Set of 24, 4" Wooden Plant Markers ...
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