June 2021

  1. Growing Great Organic Corn

    There are few things that truly celebrate the summer sun more than a fresh harvested ear of sweet corn. This precious treat, along with the dent, milling and popcorns, is a true nod to what the summer heat and thunderstorms can bring. Corn is a warm-season tender annual that requires high soil fertility to produce uniform ears. Considered a cereal...
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  2. Our Bucket Caddy Giveaway

    This month’s giveaway winner will receive a Bucket Caddy from Gardener’s Supply Company. No need for fancy tool bags if that's not your thing. Just grab an old 5-gallon bucket, strap this clever organizer to it, and voila! Your own handy caddy that looks, well, fancy! Fill the pockets with all your favorite hand tools, seed packets, twine — whatever you need for the...
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  3. Beneficials That Help You Grow

    When it comes to growing crops, it is easy to look around at all of the living creatures in and around your growing space with suspicion and worry. While it's true, there are many organisms that become pests on farms and in the garden, there are multitudes of other beings that naturally occur in our bioregions that bring many benefits...
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