July 2021

  1. Best Practices for Long Term Seed Storage

    As growers, we map out our season in late fall and early winter and, by the time planting season rolls around, things can change. From one season to the next, we may find ourselves holding onto more seeds than we are able to get into the ground. Some farmers and gardeners have even had to cancel their growing seasons all...
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  2. Our Drip Line Kit Giveaway

    This month’s giveaway winner will receive a WaterWell Drip Irrigation Kit from Gardener’s Supply Company.   This complete, customizable kit provides consistent drip action for up to four 25' rows. It includes 100' of drip line, 25' of garden hose, quick-connectors, fittings, ground spikes, and pressure regulator. Simply cut the drip line to the lengths you need and arrange along rows, positioning the perforations to...
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