November 2021

  1. 2022 Catalog: Beneficials Part 2

    Return to part 1 of our 2022 Catalog Series: Beneficials. Fireflies Sometimes beneficials aren’t organisms with obvious or straight forward contributions. It’s easy to understand how a honeybee is beneficial for humans and farms, as the honey is an agricultural product and their pollination in the garden leads to fruit. There are organisms in our ecosystems with more subtle influences...
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  2. Garlic Unavailable in 2022

    You might have noticed that we are not selling garlic in our new 2022 Organic Seed Catalog and it is listed as Unavailable for 2022 on our website. We are taking this strategic break to try and address some underlying issues that have made offering high quality, organic seed garlic challenging. Some of these issues include: Crop Failures Seed garlic is...
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  3. Our Hori Hori Knife Giveaway

    This month’s giveaway winner will receive a Hori Hori Knife from Gardener’s Supply Company.  An original Japanese design, this multipurpose knife is an indispensable tool in your gardening arsenal. Dig, weed, saw, split—you name it the Hori Hori can do it.   Gardener’s Lifetime tools are hand-forged in Holland from the finest high-carbon Swedish boron steel by DeWit®, a fifth-generation family-owned business. Unlike stamped steel tools that tend...
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  4. Where to Find High Mowing Seeds During Conference Season

    High Mowing will be attending many virtual and in-person conferences in the coming months and we want to connect! Our Commercial Grower Sales Representative team will also be participating in many in-person tradeshows and online tradeshows associated with virtual conferences, offering resources, technical advice and seed know how to conference attendees. High Mowing will be presenting and/or participating in panel discussions at...
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  5. We Are Beneficial

    "Nothing like a bundle of freshly picked collard greens... We wanted to leave them in longer but we noticed cut worms & aphids on the leaves. Sigh.. we needed the space anyway so it is ok.⁠ I read that GA Southern collard greens are a perennial in our zone 8 so I left 2 plants in the bed to see...
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  6. 2022 Catalog: Beneficials Part 1

    We Are Beneficial It can be easy to think of humans as being separate from the natural world and to see our environment as something we impact as opposed to belong to. The truth is, we are both the cause of environmental and social problems and the solution. There are many aspects of our modern world that contribute to extraction...
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