December 2021

  1. Our Gardening Book GIVEAWAY

    This month’s giveaway winner will receive The Complete Compost Gardening Guide and Plant Partners from Storey Publishing.  The Complete Compost Gardening Guide  Develop mature compost right in your garden. Barbara Pleasant and Deborah Martin explain their six-way compost gardening system in this informative guide that will have you rethinking how you create and use your compost. With your plants and compost living together from the...
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  2. PVPs, UPs and Other Seed Designations

    Here at High Mowing, we are committed to providing researched, high quality seeds of dependable varieties developed to bring you success in the field or garden. You will notice that we offer some varieties that are Plant Variety Protected or carry a Utility Patent. These rights give our partners the security they need to successfully develop the new and improved...
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  3. 2022 Catalog: Beneficials Part 3

    Return to part 2 of our 2022 catalog series: beneficials. The Waldorf School of Atlanta Miyuki Maruping, lead garden teacher at the Waldorf School of Atlanta Miyuki Maruping has been working at the Waldorf School of Atlanta since 2018 as the lead gardening teacher. She first became connected to the school as a parent in 2014. Through maintaining the garden at...
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