June 2023

  1. Discover the Beauty and Flavor of Chicories

    In recent times, chicory has become a popular addition to farmstands, restaurant menus, and home-made meals alike. Cultivated since the Roman era, this versatile vegetable has a rich history and features a diverse range of varieties. Embedded within its history are tales of community and family, with each type carrying a different legacy. Chicory’s tastes are unique, complex, versatile, and...
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  2. Our Bama Watering Can Giveaway

    This month’s giveaway winner will receive a Bama Watering Can from Gardener’s Supply Company.  This customer-favorite, bold-colored Italian watering can is only available in the U.S. through Gardener’s Supply. Holding more than 3 gallons, this tough but lightweight garden helper lets you get to more tending tasks before you need to refill. And speaking of carrying on, these watering cans offer...
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