Cristina Cosentino

  1. Cichoria!: Italianize your Farm and Round Out your Season with Bitter Sweet Chicories

    Umami is not the only neglected flavor to resurge mainstream taste as of late. Amaro has recently become a household word and we can thank the often chicory-infused Italian liqueurs for giving bitter its trendy new platform. Not only does every restaurant menu in New York City now feature a variation of a chicory salad, but every dive bar mixes...
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  2. Functional Farming

    How Functional Training Can Improve Farming Performance and Health by Cristina Cosentino & Jesse Lapiana I’ve never seen a farming job description that didn’t feature “must be able to repeatedly lift 50 pounds” in its qualifications. Growing veggies is one of the most physically demanding, strenuous jobs. In fact, I don’t know a single farmer without back pain. While agricultural apprenticeships are...
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  3. 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Farming

      Cristina Cosentino works as Field Operations Specialist at the H.O.G. Farm, a diversified organic vegetable farm in Brookhaven, NY. I no longer think of time as linear from date to date, but rather from vegetable to vegetable. I never thought that the mental organization of my personal life would be so intimately intertwined with memories of harvesting strawberries or...
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