Kim Trenholm

  1. Discover the Beauty and Flavor of Chicories

    In recent times, chicory has become a popular addition to farmstands, restaurant menus, and home-made meals alike. Cultivated since the Roman era, this versatile vegetable has a rich history and features a diverse range of varieties. Embedded within its history are tales of community and family, with each type carrying a different legacy. Chicory’s tastes are unique, complex, versatile, and...
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  2. Spring Bitter Plants and Awakening from Winter

    By: Kim Trenholm Danielle harvesting dandelion greens at Root 5 Farm in Fairlee, Vermont   The coming of spring is filled with the emergence of sun, rains, and the brave wild plant scouts ready to pave the way for their kin. Spring is a wonderful time of regrowth, inspiration, and renewal. Prior to this renewal, there is an awakening period...
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